As the world yearns for pure music, Sean Hill continues to master it by using music as an expression of love—where hearts are uplifted with hope and happiness.

Since the beginning, Hill has been uplifting the hearts of many around the world. Hill brings the very best in inspirational and popular music. From Soul, R&B, Vocal, Pop and Smooth Jazz, you get the true experience of a multi-genre recording artist and songwriter.


As a solo artist, Hill released his first album “Balance” in 2006 and his second album “Adore,” was released in 2010. Slowly earning recognition around the world, Hill has been featured on the indie charts in the UK, Spain and Japan along with online radio and podcast stations.


Sean Hill is the balladeer of our current time.  It’s because of his voice, his style and the way he effortlessly infuses hearts of many generations. There are no secrets or hidden agendas, Hill’s message is very clear and straight from the heart to his listeners—the only mystery is what will he do next.


Without a doubt, entertainment is one of the most powerful ways to get the public’s attention, and it’s clearly the best way to get a message through. And with so much happening, positive and negative, his mission is very simple and most effective. Hill writes and sings about life experiences that always result in a positive outcome.


“No matter who you are, as long as the world turns, fortunate and unfortunate things will happen, but it’s how we respond and the decisions we make afterward that determine the outcome,” Hill says.


Music is a force that translates into how we view life. It becomes more than a song or entertainment. It becomes your story. And that’s what Hill’s music does.


We all have something in common and people are captivated because Hill isn’t above or beneath, he’s right there with his listeners and this makes his music more enjoyable and relevant.


Along with his music career, he intends to add filmmaking, acting and directing to his list. Currently, Hill is working on filmmaking as he ventures into the independent film industry, which has been a long-term goal.


While Hill keeps busy with his other endeavors, you can catch him performing concerts and filming videos from his latest recordings. To learn more about Sean Hill, just listen to his music.

2015 S.Hill, M.Carpenter